From mind to paper

Most of the time a topic just pops into my head and I start writing about it. Something nice that happened to me, made me think or left me wondering. My goal is to give you an authentic impression of my thoughts. Bringing them from mind to paper for you.

I want you to relate and think about the same topic yourself. Reflecting on it from your point of view. Take a look at my recent blog posts. I hope you find something you like.

Quiet and peaceful woods

Sports Recap June 2020

Following the productive month of May, I continued my steady progress in building fitness and performance. During June I mostly focused on building core strength,...

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Sports Recap May 2020

Sports Recap May 2020

May was a very productive month full of sports for me. In numbers I spent 40 hours doing some kind of exercise. Looking at my...

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Home Office Benefits - Balcony oasis

Home Office Benefits

In a previous post I was writing about what bothers me doing full time home office. This time I want to write more about home...

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Google Mountain View

Visiting Google in Mountain View

An amazing opportunity at work opened up for me at work last June. Visiting Google in Mountain View. Other colleagues already planned their annual vacation...

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I love Sports

I am very passionate about sports. My biggest love is endurance based activity. Triathlon to be more specific. I like to run swim and bike in my free time a lot.

Staying active helps me to cope with or prevent stress and just keeps me balanced. I regularly write about how sport helps me not only physically but also mentally.

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To keep track of all my activities I am very active on platforms like Strava.

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