Sport is an import part of my life

Doing sports is not just keeping me healthy it helps me stay grounded and calm. As a software engineer I spend most of my office time stationary and sitting a lot over the day. It is mandatory for me to get moving. Getting out and shaking off some dust. Sports my favorite recreation. Not having this balance gets me moody after a while.

My favorite sport is Triathlon. What I like the most about it is its diversity. You can not get bored by doing the same discipline over and over again. When you are sick of running just go cycling or swimming. It gives you a lot of options of recreation and increases your overall fitness.

I am a long year member of a local triathlon club named Post SV Triathlon. Together we are pushing our limits, enjoy the time outside or just sit together having fun. Sometimes it is possible even without sports, believe it or not. It is more fun to do sports and recreation in a group basically.

You can read more about my sport in the following posts. Have a good time and enjoy!

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