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Home Office Benefits

In a previous post I was writing about what bothers me doing full time home office. This time I want to write more about home office and its benefits. Spending now about 10 weeks in home office it took me some time to see their value but now I have started to appreciate them.

Saving time and money

The first positive is that you save a lot of time and money. Over the winter I regularly took my car to work. My way to work is not too long. Maybe about 20 minutes when traffic runs smoothly. To be honest: traffic barely runs smoothly around here. Usually its more like 30 minutes sometimes even worse. Obviously the car needs gas to roll and it costs me quite a bit per month to feed it.

During summer times I prefer to use my bicycle, takes about 35 minutes. So almost as fast as taking the car but much more healthier. Taking the bike does not cost any extra money. No extra fluid needed for riding it. Some additional water needed for my water tank maybe.

I kind of miss the routine and basic exercise doing the daily commute. But on the other hand every day I have about one hour more time on my hand. The point is you spend extra time commuting which you will save when working from home. In my case saving one hour does not seem much but over time it sums up. Five hours per week – 20 hours per month and so on. I think you see my point now, more free time when staying home.

Your personal garden relaxation

When you spend less time commuting you have more time at home. My wife and me are spending much more time on our balcony these days, just because we now actually have time to enjoy it while enjoying lunch time in the sun. This are the things you miss when you are at work all day. It adds an extra layer of relaxation to your lunch time. Sitting in the sun charges your batteries quicker and more efficient.

My wife has spent a lot of time turning our balcony in a small green oasis. She is very passionate about her gardening and is sharing tips and insight regularly in her dedicated garden category. Her gardening journey started just over a year ago. Since then she has learned a lot about organizing and maintaining it.

This year it seems like we are getting the most of it. Both of us are full time in home office until things get back to normal. No end in sight at this time. So we can share our lunch break together in our balcony oasis. For sure one of our biggest home office benefits.

What are your personal home office benefits? Don’t have any? What do you miss about going to work? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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