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Things have changed a lot

Many things have happened since my last post on this page. Triathlon races have been completed, foreign countries have been visited, jobs have changed. Most importantly though, I found the love of my life. Quality of life has increased significantly since back then. I don’t worry too much about new challenges ahead or problems arising – I overcame many and high obstacles to make my life better. I realized there are not too many things to worry about in our daily life nowadays. A new challenge or fundamental changes seem overwhelming at first. But once you accept them and take them as they approach you, you realize that these things are not so scary anymore.

Accepting the challenge

I realized that I never really made life easy for myself, but always found a way to figure things. So I was less afraid of the challenges ahead. Looking for a new challenge I changed my job in February 2016 and since then I am never afraid to tackle the hardest tasks at stake. Taking responsibility sounded scary before, but became quite fun and I appreciated it fast. In the same year of changing my job I also finished my second triathlon long distance race at Challenge Roth. Preparations for this race were quite tough due to my efforts at the new job. Despite the struggles to clock in the kilometers necessary to complete this long race I managed to do it. Completing this hard but heartwarming race in 11:21 h gave me another boost in confidence. Thinking that you could achieve everything when just trying hard enough.

Breaking new grounds

After stepping up my game in the job I looked for something new to discover. I started to make some trips. First time ever I boarded a plane to Spain to visit my cousin in Madrid. It was a short trip over five days, but still a completely new and exciting experience. Soon after that I looked after a way to combine my sport activities with some travelling. In April 2017 I visited friends in their new home in Vienna. Not just for visiting this amazing and beautiful city. But also to compete in the Vienna City Marathon. Finishing in 3:29 h has been an other great achievement for me since then. Looking forward for new things to discover I decided it was time for some holiday – including some sports of course. So I booked a guided group bike trip across Sicily to explore some of the rough south of Italy.

Shit happens … but who cares

Not everything has been sunshine and roses in those past years. I crashed on my bicycle twice. I was lucky to get away without serious damage. Some marks still remain, but they will remind me that I did get up after falling down. During my holiday in Sicily I also crashed, in a very unlucky way. With a broken arm I spent the evening in a very rusty hospital in the middle of no where. Without speaking a word of Italian. Still I managed to get back home in one piece. Even better. Back home was a girl waiting for me to return. We started dating before I left for Sicily and for the first time in my life I felt like It could turn into something great! She visited me in my apartment and in the end we fell in love with each other.

Looking forward

Ever since we are spending our life together and are planning our future. Together we traveled to India where I met her parents and sister for the first time. They introduced me to the Indian culture and gave me a very warm welcome into their family! Also looking for new challenges in sports I signed up for the Ironman New Zealand in March 2020. The clock is already ticking and it will be a challenge on its own to squeeze the training in next to the job and my new family life. For this I want to revive my personal blog. To keep up and share my motivation and making the tough training days more enjoyable. I also want to give an insight to others what it is like to prepare for such an event. Give you my thoughts. Ups and Downs included. See you along!

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