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Winning back Routines

This year the Corona virus has a huge impact on our lives. A lot of routines we learned to love are now thrown over board. Things are slowly getting back to normal so I notice how much I missed some of those in the last weeks or even months. I find it a good thing that we are slowly able to winning back some of these routines. When the home office pressure rises it is always good to have some distraction.

Sometimes a little means a lot

I love to do sports. Plenty of outdoor activities are still allowed in Germany despite the lock down. To go for a run or grab a bike and do a tour on your own is not an issue here. For me the catch in this statement is the on your own part though. I feel like over time endurance training is only half the fun when you are always doing it alone.

I am a member of a pretty big sports club in Nuremberg. Many fellow members of the Post SV Nuremberg triathlon department I consider friends. For many weeks or even months we could not meet for a collective training session. Luckily the improved Corona infection rates allow for some changes. Small changes but still they mean a lot.

Run training in groups of five is allowed again. We have to keep a distance of 1.5 to 2 meters from each other. But it feels good to run together again. Whenever the coach says: “We are doing 200 meter intervals today. It might hurt a little.” – who is he kidding by the way? Of course it will hurt! – We are suffering together. Sharing the pain makes it less.

It is not about the training

Really for me the training program is not important. Almost all competitive events for this year are cancelled anyway. All plans made preseason are out of the window. For me it is more about connecting with people again. Seeing friends after months and getting back in touch again. As a figure of speech of course. No touching!

Finally it is okay again to go on a cycling tour in pairs. So I did not hesitate to ask my dad for a small fathers day tour on the bike. While others go out drinking as much beer as possible we enjoy ourselves on a long and easy ride. It is like a small tradition for the both of us. We should do this more often.

Still be careful

Until a vaccine is available things are still serious of course. So far there is no indication when our lives will be they were before. I am aware of that. There is no reason to get reckless now. Be very careful in your actions and how they might affect others. It is not over yet.

I consider these small changes baby steps back to life before the Corona pandemic. Feels good that we are winning back our routines little by little. One at a time.

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